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Youth Cycling

Youth Cycling Programs

Round Trip Bike Shop has always been at the center of community involvement. This naturally carries over into working with the community youth. Some of which have never heard of "Gravel Riding" or "Mountain Biking". We passionately believe that sharing the joys and bniffits of cycling with todays children will only have positive effect in those kid's lives. We are proud to have started what has become on of the largest and single best shop supported youth programs in Arizona. It's so successful, we need the collaboration of other like minded shops to keep up with the critical mass that has created a tremendous opportunity for kids to gain exposure to all facets of cycling. Read below about some of our local community driven programs run by some of the most amazing people you will ever meet.


From the very beginning we have been actively involved in giving youth the opportunity to experience cycling and all the benefits of this amazing sport. In 2012, we caught wind of an organized High School cycling league coming to AZ. Seeing the value of getting more kids on bikes we organized the first Mountain Bike team in Casa Grande. We continue today to coach, wrench, and support what is now a thriving program.


Youth On Track Cycling  works with youth from ages 3 to 18 to give them a sense of community, build self esteem,  and helping to grow using bicycles as the tool to shape them.

BMX bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes and the occasional unicycle are utilized in YOTC's efforts. These cycling tools attract youth of all ages and socioeconomic status to this unique program. Volunteer coaches, mentors, and staff give the youth in the program positive interactions with adults who genuinely care for and take stewardship of those youth.

Every activity has the same goal. To mentor the youth in a positive way helping to foster their self-esteem and grow to be a responsible self respecting young adult capable of loving themselves and others while contributing to their communities in a positive way.

Arizona Cycling Association

The Arizona Cycling Association was organized in 2012 to provide competitive mountain biking programs for student-athletes in grades 6 to 12. The goal of the league is to get more kids on bikes and it has succeeded above and beyond what was originally expected. Round Trip Bike Shop, with the help of community volunteers, started the first High School Cycling program in Casa Grande with the Arizona Cycling Association. Visit their website to find out more about this amazing program we have been directly involved with since the league started.