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In Store Events

A Cycling community that shares knowledge and experiences is better.

A cycling community that shares it's collective knowledge and experiences makes for a stronger community. We are firm supporters of continuing education and spreading not only our knowledge but, what the community has learned as well. In an effort to support this core tenant of Round Trip Bike Shop, we offer up our store front to those who want to educate and share with those that want to be educated and listen.

Periodically, we offer in store "Shop Talks" given by people who want to share their experiences, their knowledge, and their passion of cycling. These talks have ranged from sharing an epic multi day adventure to sharing first time ride experiences. The topics are all around cycling and always community based as most of our speakers are local to our area and share about experiences and knowledge the rest of the community can benefit from. Sometimes it's just purely entertaining.

Other times, we will offer Shop Clinics. These are usually to help explain the basics of bicycle maintenance and repair. Taught by seasoned bicycle techs, our clinics will give cyclists the ability to fix minor issues that can help get cyclists back on two wheels, making riding a more enjoyable experience. The clinics also help improve peoples ability to articulate issues and problems they may need help resolving with other community members and/or the techs at RTBS. This reduces frustration and makes for a better over all cycling experience.

We will also send techs to your location or event. We have done repair clinics, bicycle checks, rules of the road, cycling skill builders, and more at local events all over Arizona. With enough advanced notice you can have a certified bike technician help at your event.

All of our Clinics and In Stores are listed on our Events Page. Space is limited but we try to make accommodations for as many as we can comfortably fit. Unless otherwise noted these talks and clinics are usually free of charge and suitable for all ages.