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About Us

Your Local Bike Shop

Round Trip Bike Shop has been serving Casa Grande and the surrounding area since 1979. Located on Florence Blvd where it crosses Trekkel, we are at the center of a community we love to serve. We work hard to not only be a part of the cycling culture but to create it. From trail building, to coaching youth cycling, in store clinics and talks, community outreach and service, and co-oping with other like minded businesses that believe bicycles can change the world, we want to bring every aspect of cycling to this community. Cycling is such a diverse sport that encompasses so many different categories and disciplines it would be hard to stay on top of it all if we didn't love it. The word passionate get's thrown around a lot but we truly have a love affair with the bicycle in all it's forms. It is our goal to share that passion with any and all that will listen. 

We proudly serve all types of cyclists, including new and veteran riders. It doesn't matter if you ride around your neighborhood or around the world. And we especially don't care what type of bike you have. Our goal is to make your cycling experiences better while helping you achieve your cycling specific goals. There is none of the typical bike shop "elitism" here. Whether you prefer to shop on our website or to come visit us, we’re here to help you with all of your cycling needs. Learn more about what makes us unique, and visit us today to meet our friendly staff and experience our incredible product selection.

Your Bike Gurus

Round Trip Bike Shop is nothing without it's people. We are a family run shop and everyone is passionate about cycling and loves to ride. That passion for bikes runs deep in the hearts of our team and we strive to make each and every customer happy. Over 50 years of collective cycling knowledge flow through this place between paid staff, advisors, interns and volunteers. We are truly blessed with amazing people that choose to be a part of out team in one way or another. 


Matt has been working in the industry for over 30 years in one form or another. As the owner and lead technician, Matt is the guy that will figure out the issues no one else seems to be able to fix. If he's not at the shop he's coaching, teaching, building/maintaining trail, or spending time with his family. 


Adrian isn't your every day run of the mill bicycle tech. He is one of the most affable and helpful people you will meet. Ask him almost anything and Adriann will do what he can to accommodate you. More importantly, he really loves wrenching on bikes. He's fascinated by how they work and how he can make them work best. Always up for good conversation and delicious food. Adriann is a great member of our team. 


Aiden came to us when he was just a young kid and asked if he could work in the bike shop. Matt told him when he was older he could. Years later he walked in the door and asked for his job. Aiden is naturally mechanically inclined and it shows as he continues to learn and grow as a tech. He races BMX and MTB every chance he gets and will be glad to share with you if you ask.


Patricia is our shop advisor and executive assistant. She has full time job working with at risk children but graces us with her help on the regular. Somehow she manages to support and help with our events and we can't thank her enough for it.

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Find your dream bike today and visit us for a test ride. We'll ensure that you're on the right bike to meet your needs and the right frame size for a comfortable, safe cycling experience.